Behind the Art

I feel empowered when I create a piece of work that holds substance and value to me on a personal level, but then others can look at it and take away their own meaning and really be emotionally touched by it.


Lydia Weisman is the artist behind the red-haired girl who adorns BE Magazine’s website. A 20-year-old from Warren, Ohio, Weisman first took a basic art class as a freshman in high school, leading her to realize her own potential as an artist as well as the effect that art can have on others.

Now a second-year at Youngstown State University, Weisman is pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in graphic design. While she hasn’t yet nailed down a definitive career path, she does have a broad vision for her art and what she would like it to do.

“As an artist, I hope to obtain not only a job, but a lifestyle in the field of design where I have the capability to solve problems through visually-captivating and informative works,” Weisman said. “I imagine my works being displayed all across the nation to be viewed by audiences that will raise questions and start conversation.”

Upon graduating, Weisman said she hopes to have enough flexibility to travel and explore with her fiancé, Brad.

Below is a Q&A that delves into the specifics of the piece that Weisman made for BE.

Q: What made you want to create a piece for this magazine?
A: After I was asked to create a piece for the website, I explored the heart and soul behind this magazine. I relate completely with the woman that BE is going to reach. I have never fallen “into the box” but often felt the need to. Fortunately, the older I’ve grown and the more people that have encouraged my passion, the more free I have felt to be myself. I felt an obligation, almost, to create a piece for this magazine to contribute to a cause that will push girls into becoming their truest, most genuinely beautiful selves.

Q: What is the story behind the art you made for BE?
A: I wanted to symbolize self-growth for this piece, while also representing a girl in her most natural form. I wanted her hair to be natural, curly and alive. Her cheeks are rosy and her freckles are evident. She does not want to hide, for she has found her true self and she is watching herself sprout, figuratively and literally (hence the leaf sprouting from the soil).

Q: What effect do you hope your art will have on our readers?
A: I hope my art will grasp the readers’ attention. I purposely chose vivid, saturated colors to draw in their eyes in order to question who this girl is and what is she doing on the front of this magazine. I hope they become entranced with the glow she is emanating and want to know how they can obtain that for themselves.

To see more of Lydia’s work, check out her Etsy page at: