A letter to My Mother


By: Miya Stewart


This is a letter for my mother. I plan to translate it into Japanese and give it to her as a gift for Christmas.


Hey Mom,

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a while but, honestly, there will never be enough words, letters, or books to express how much you really mean to me. You raised me to be the woman I am today; strong, brave, and independent. I mean, how couldn’t you? You immigrated from Japan, learned to live a brand-new life in a brand-new country, and you became a single mother to two children all on your own. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to know a woman like you.

One of my favorite memories of us took place the day I graduated college. I had a fever the night before, I was on my period, and I felt like DEATH throughout the entire ceremony. I wished every minute away and just wanted to go home and sleep for 12 hours. Then, after I finally received my diploma, I walked out to meet you and the family and you came crying into my arms, flowers in your hands. I instantly forgot about my terrible cramps and my extremely high fever and was flooded with memories of our life together. I remembered the nights you took me to grandma’s house to do my English homework. How you enrolled me into Japanese school at a young enough age for me to be raised in your culture while living in America, a great privilege. How you have worked for 20 years at a company, which you are too qualified for, to raise your children to live healthy, happy lives. I instantly started crying with you and the only words I could think of were “thank you.”

Thank you for teaching me to not just work hard for my success, but to also fight for it. Thank you for valuing education but letting me explore it on my own. Thank you for forgiving me when I have messed up, oh so many times. Thank you for raising me and my brother to love unconditionally. And, finally, thank you for being the best mother a woman could ask for.

I can’t wait to spoil you, and yes that includes Louis Vuitton bags. I can’t to raise my children with you. For you to teach them Japanese and cook them your incredible Japanese food. I can’t wait to give you the world, since you helped create mine.

I love you, Mom.

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