encompasses style, hair, affordability and accepting the unique beauty in each individual. We strive to represent each girl and give them content they can relate to. Society has given girls unrealistic standards of what it means to be beautiful, and it’s time to say goodbye to that meaning and create our own meaning. A meaning that will represent all of our unique beauty.


is all about relationships, but it isn’t your typical advice column. Sure, there’s romance to be found in BE Loved, however, it doesn’t make up the bulk of our content. We’ve broadened our definition of what a relationship is. Anything you can form a connection with – your family, your friends, your food – can be found in this section. Our stories vary from personal accounts of important relationships in our lives to advise on how to foster important relationships in your life.


is where reflections on society, politics, and news wait to be explored– whether local, national, or international. BE Engaged is a platform to respectfully challenge viewpoints for the sake of curiosity, conversation, and involvement.


focuses on helping women achieve their goals through education, college, and career. We strive to teach women of all ages of their capabilities and strengths- simple as that.


is about sharing. Sharing stories, art, poetry, movies, music and books, travel experiences and tips and so much more. BE Creative is about coming together and writing about art, literature, and travel in a way that translates to all members of our audience: relevant, relatable, affordable and engaging.


is all about educating/empowering women so that they can live a healthy life. We write about common issues, researched topics, and our personal experiences with health, which we believe is not just physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual.


explores where women’s lives overlap and intersect with different lifestyles, genders, and sexualities. BE Inclusive focuses on embracing your personal identity and aims to represent unique experiences and perspectives on life.