Speak Up

The current political climate has understandably caused a lot of tension. Throughout history, politics have always been a sensitive topic, but the recent election in the United States and subsequent events have sparked a lot of debate and resistance. College campuses are known for being great spaces for mind opening debates and discussions. I have… Read More Speak Up

Sex Ed

From condoms to consent, sex education is supposed to teach teens and young adults across the country everything there is to know about staying safe while being sexually active. Ideally, sex education is inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations, and bodies. Sex should be discussed in a free and comfortable manner, thus normalizing it and… Read More Sex Ed

Does College Prepare Students for the Workforce?

It is common knowledge that some form of higher education is necessary for a majority of careers—at least this is the impression that countless students in university have. For many, university is merely a stepping stone to a professional career. Students are willing to incur large amounts of debt in hopes that their undergraduate and… Read More Does College Prepare Students for the Workforce?