A Spa Day on a Budget

After a stressful week of school or work we want to wind down. Even getting take out dinner Friday night instead of cooking costs money. We all would love to go out to a spa and get pampered but that costs money, a lot of money. So here are several simple things that you can do at home, to bring a relaxing trip to a spa right to you!

Play some peaceful music: anything from a peaceful band/singer you enjoy, the sound of waves, rain, etc.… This doesn’t cost you a penny! You can simply look it up and play it on your computer. There are plenty of existing peaceful/ relaxing play lists out there.

You can also light some candles around the room/house that you might have, if you don’t have them no worries! Just dim the lights for a more relaxing mood.

Dip a towel in some warm water, not too hot! But just warm enough. This will help to relax the skin and also helps to pull some of those toxins out from the week! Wash your face with your favorite face wash or exfoliator to help get rid of those black heads and any unwanted break outs you may have experienced over the week.

Sitting and doing some meditation costs $0 and there are plenty of tutorials online if you want someone walking you through it. But just sitting and focusing on your breath can be very relaxing when done correctly. Just sit down, relax, close your eyes and breathe.

If you like to do your nails, then take some time while your relaxing and do so! Get yourself ready for a fun weekend, and it’s perfect to have your nails freshly done for the week as a coat of polish usually lasts a week anyways.

Optional: Drain yourself a bath instead of a shower, and add some bath bombs! While taking a bath, add a face mask. There a many kinds of face masks to choose from even at your local drugstore. It’s usually around $5 for both face masks as well as bath bombs.

If you spend 10 bucks on bath bombs and a couple face masks, that’s a much better deal than even a 60-minute massage which can run around $60! Sure it might be worth the money to go if you have it. But having your own spa day can be less stressful, you don’t have to get in the car to go anywhere (especially in the middle of winter with all the snow). No one is rushing you, and you don’t have that “buyer’s remorse” where you might regret spending all that money for an hour.

Hopefully some of these items listed above speak out to you. Some of these things can be done daily, like the meditation and warm towel. These don’t cost you anything but your time, but honey you are worth the time. So have a nice relaxing night and get ready to conquer the upcoming week!

-Kenzie Chene

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