Who is Kortney Olson and what is she doing for GRRRLs?

If you’ve ever seen that viral video of a woman smashing a watermelon between her legs, then you know of Kortney Olson. Kortney is a badass woman who has created a business built to inspire, encourage, and uplift women across the world. But she didn’t create a kick-ass fitness apparel company without hardship. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Kortney and hearing her story. It is one that shakes you to the core and makes you want to stand for something. I don’t feel confident sharing her story myself, so I encourage you to check her out on Instagram (kortney_olson).

Her company, GRRRL, does things differently. They don’t size clothing as S, M, L, but rather, label clothing based on their company athletes. So, when you shop, you can choose a BODY TYPE that resembles your own. It helps women break out from the mental idea of being a size or a number. We, as women, are not to be defined by how we fit into clothes. Kortney’s aspiration is to give women a bigger voice and platform to talk about the things that really matter. She believes in equality, no matter who you are.

Kortney advocates for more positive body image messages across social media and she helps women embrace the parts of themselves that they so often are told to hide away. Kortney has been an athlete her whole life, and she has undergone the scrutiny so many female athletes, and GRRRLs in general, face every day. She wants to flip the script and showcase women as powerful, strong, and dominating forces. Hence, the crushing of the watermelon. Her movement has reached tens of thousands across the globe, and she doesn’t plan on stopping.


“We exist to empower women to share their experiences and to come together as one to make the world a better place. We will do that by fighting to remove barriers that get in the way of women realizing their potential.” ~Kortney Olsen


Instagram: kortney_olson

-Rachel Mangold

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