Point: An Easier Way to Volunteer in Columbus

By: Faye Davis
Edited by: Brendan Walsh

Volunteering can sometimes be a dreaded word. As college kids, we often have a very hard time managing our current activities without adding another component into the mix. “I already have three essays to do before the end of the month, work on top of that, I have to attend this event, I have to, I have to …” Our lives can easily become a long series of to-dos, with volunteering being just another thing to check off the list – if it even makes it to the list at all. So why should you bother making time in your already busy schedule to volunteer?

When watching the news it is easy to get pulled into a depressive state. Watching the reporters recap all the terrible things going on can be enough to put even the most centered individual into a fit of anxiety. However if these things truly enrage us, shake us, and disturb us, then we should try to do something about it. We can’t do anything to help make our community better by sitting on our couch. If you see something that you want to change in the world, you have to go out and try.

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