Are You a Good Friend?

Being a good friend is important if you want your friends to be good to you. This short quiz will tell you how you’re doing and give you some tips on how to be a better friend.

  1. When was the last time you had a serious discussion with your friend?
    A. Earlier this week
    B. Earlier this month
    C. Earlier this year
    D. I haven’t spoken to him/her this year
  1. What kind of questions do you normally ask when talking with your friend?
    A. “How is your life going right now?”
    B. “How was your day?”
    C. “What’s up?”
    D. I normally talk about myself
  1. Could you name off the top of your head a dream or aspiration of your friend?
    A. Definitely, we talk about those a lot
    B. Probably, we talk about the future some
    C. Maybe, I haven’t heard about their dreams lately
    D. No, but I could take a guess
  1. When your friend is sick, how often do you check on him/her?
    A. I’ll stop by at least once a day
    B. I’ll text a few times and maybe visit
    C. I’ll text in a couple days
    D. I’d ask about it next time I see him/her
  1. How would you react if the person you had a crush on had a crush on your friend?
    A. I’d be excited for him/her
    B. I’d be disappointed, but would accept it
    C. I’d be bitter for a while
    D.I wouldn’t let him/her be with my crush
  1. Your friend’s family pet dies. How do you handle it?
    A. Sit with your friend as long as they need
    B. Call them when you hear
    C. Send a sympathy text
    D. Post a sympathy selfie
  1. You forgot your friend’s birthday. How do you make up for it?
    A. Plan an elaborate activity for the two of you
    B. Get a solid gift and promise to make it up
    C. Re-gift something you find in your house
    D. I don’t ever give gifts

If you answered mostly As: You are a great friend! Just make sure your friend is putting as much time and effort into the relationship as you are. One-sided friendships are no fun, especially if you’re doing a great job and they aren’t.

If you answered mostly Bs: You’re doing all right! Try going the extra mile, even when it’s hard to remember. Being a good friend makes you feel good too!

If you answered mostly Cs: You’re doing fine. Definitely assess the friendship you’re in and determine how you can be better. Asking people about themselves and listening intently is a great way to build up existing friendships.

If you answered mostly Ds: Your friendship skills could use a little work. Think about how you want your friends to treat you, and realize that friendship is a two-way street. You can’t expect the world if you won’t give it right back.

-Lizz Birkhoff

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