Love Online: Mary Grace & Andy

How does one find love in this technology-driven age? We live in a world filled with apps like Tinder, Bumble and OKCupid and the days of the first meeting starting the first interaction are gone. Cyber-stalking, researching and sliding into them DMs is the new normal. From going through pictures posted online to sending out pickup lines, how do relationships that start on the Internet work out?

Well, look no further than our girl Mary Grace and her S/O Andy.

BE: So tell me about your relationship. Where did you guys meet? Was it Tinder?

MG: (laughs) No, we actually met over Instagram; (laughs) he basically commented on one of my pictures – a really old picture – and we struck up a conversation and he asked me out on a date right there. I didn’t know who he was until I started asking around to make sure he was real since I had been watching the show ‘Catfish’ for like three weeks now, and I was sure that it was going to happen to me. I became a pro at making sure people were real.

BE: Andy, what did you think of it all? What prompted you to be so bold to ask her on a date in the comment section?

Andy: I think it was just confidence for me, honestly. I think everyone needs confidence. I mean if you don’t do it, then you don’t have an option on whether you have a date or not.

BE: That’s true, and so Mary Grace, you decided to strike a conversation after just him commenting on your photo? How long did it take for you guys to meet up?

MG: Well, after a couple comments we decided to meet up, I mean because he seemed cool, and before we met I was like watch him not show up, well, because Catfish. I know, I was a freshman, but it all worked out (laughs). We went on our first date with a dinner and movie you know, it was cute, and I remember the whole time I was like ‘why isn’t he holding my hands’, and I thought it was over.

BE: How about you Andy? How did you feel?

Andy: (pause) The first time on the date, I was in the car looking for her, and she called me. When I said “hello” she was screaming into my ear really loud in a high-pitched voice, and I didn’t know what to think of that. I was really surprised honestly, and on guard. But eventually we hugged and said our hellos, we went in to the place, and most of the time she was talking and wandering her eyes around. I would look at her dead in the eyes and she did not look me straight in the eyes. She also talked about how she could eat chicken nuggets every day in her life, and how she loved trapping spiders to show them how … I dunno … she wanted to torture them basically.

MG: (laughs) Oh god. I kept talking about chicken nuggets and stuff after I got nervous that he wasn’t into me and I thought it was over.

BE: How did you know that this relationship was it? Was it good chemistry?

MG: Probably the first date, because afterwards we talked in his car, you know, and got to know each other. Also with how he treats me. He takes care of me, and I thought at the time, “I’ll take this chance, because why not?” I think really it was the way he handled the date and everything, and how sweet he is, but now he’s a troll. I’m just kidding.

BE: So you guys have been dating since? How do you make it work especially since you guys didn’t start as friends?

MG: Yes, dang, we’re so old. I think the important thing is to communicate, because I feel like a lot of miscommunication could happen in relationships. It’s healthy to do your own thing, and have some distance to do your own separate thing. We’re both very understanding, because in the end, you need someone who understands your wants, your extracurriculars and your desires, and that’s why I’m lucky to have Andy (laughs). When we first started talking, we would send each other paragraphs of messages, but we don’t text like that anymore.

BE: What do you think is the cutest thing about you guys as a couple?

MG: We’re like very adventurous. We like to go on food adventures and do active stuff too, like learning how to surf together and longboard together late at night. We also would sometimes go Pokémon hunting, (laughs) because apparently that’s a thing now.

BE: So how did your parents take the relationship?

MG: I actually hid him for six months. I do not advise doing that, but it was for my wellbeing (laughs). I thought they’d say something like you can’t handle a boyfriend in college, BUT LOOK AT ME NOW. They love Andy. When I told them, they just said for us to be safe with each other, if you know what I mean. I felt uncomfortable when they told me that.

BE: How about you Andy?

Andy: I told my mom I had a girlfriend, and she went, “Oh, cool”.

BE: Ok, MG I see you. So from this experience do you guys have any advice on meeting people through the internet?

MG: Don’t look. Don’t look. Just go with the flow. Don’t look because you’ll find someone eventually, it’s just time. I mean I wasn’t looking for a relationship.

Andy: I think the first thing to do is to just be yourself, because if you act like someone different on that first date, then it would just be a waste.

Thanks MG and Andy for letting us in on the sweet details. Next time you see that eye-catching Instagram post or that inspirational person on your newsfeed think about reaching out to them. Things may not work out but if you don’t try you’ll never know! Stay awesome.

MG is a fourth-year majoring in human development and family science.

Fun Fact: “I’m a potato”.

Andy is a fourth-year majoring in psychology.

Fun fact: “I’m a very fashionable guy, so you’ll never see me in sweats outside of my house”.

-Jessica Lee

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