Growing up, I was always the awkward girl who dressed funny and thought that slicked-back ponytails were the coolest.

As Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook became more popular, I compared myself to the ‘cool girls’ of social media, wishing that I could be them. Instead of being myself, I wanted to be someone else. But that’s not what growing up is about-it’s about creating your own personal identity, it’s about creating your own brand. And you can find that identity hidden in social media, right in the people you admire the most!

Find the people on social media whose aesthetic and identity make you happy, whether this be in their makeup, hair, or clothes. Gradually and eventually take those pieces and looks into consideration when you go out shopping or want a new haircut.

For example, if a lot of people you admire have wire rimmed glasses, find a pair at your next eye appointment that suits your face and frame. Don’t be afraid to experiment with style as well, no matter if your friends think it’s ugly or not.

Be comfortable in the things you wear, and don’t hold back if others are doubtful. If you want to color your hair because pink tips are cool to you, then go for it! Buy a pack of colored hair chalk or even go to a salon for a new look.

Be proud of your own identity, and focus on the things that make you confident. In no time, you will have transformed into a new version of yourself you never thought you had.

-Bella Kitzis

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