Playful Prints

Mixing patterns isn’t just for kids anymore-high fashion runways are filled with mixed prints and textiles. Too scared to dive in alone? Follow these rules of thumb to get started on the coolest trend this season.

Keep within the same color family!

  • If you are mixing textiles such as corduroy and chunky knits, make sure all articles of clothing are within the same color genre, such as cool-toned neutrals or warm essentials with a neutral statement color.
    • What to pair:
      • Cream chunky knit top
      • Textured maroon circle skirt
      • Ribbed, ruffled cream slouchy socks
      • Cool-toned brown ankle boots

Balance out your top and bottom!

  • If you are mixing prints that look similar, balance your top and bottom piece, whether this is a top and skirt, or dress and scarf.
    • What to pair:
      • Large floral print top with white/cream background
      • Small floral print skirt with black background
    • OR
      • Large striped fit and flare dress
      • Mini striped infinity scarf

Mastered the basics? Go bold!

  • If you’re feeling fearless, don’t be afraid to mix both bold textiles and colors together by adding a vibrant statement piece to the outfit.
    • What to pair:
      • Mustard yellow T-shirt
      • Black corduroy flared skirt
      • Knit cream tights
      • Add navy blue suede oxfords for another punch of complementary color

-Bella Kitzis

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