Vacationing in NYC

While getting to this city may be expensive, what you do there doesn’t have to break the bank! Here are a few money-saving suggestions that give you a lively, and affordable, trip to New York City:

1. Explore Central Park

Enjoy all that beauty by walking through the park! The rocks at Central Park South are a perfect place to sit and take in the skyline. Northward, Belvedere Castle offers a beautiful view of the Upper West Side, including the San Remo Towers.

2. Take in Views on the Highline

Sight-see the beautiful views of the Hudson River, the Empire State Building and Chelsea, all while walking above ground! This subway track-turned-green space is a must see for any environmentalist.

3. DIY A Movie/TV Tour

New York has been featured in plenty of movies and TV shows: check out the scenes of your favorite movies and shows shot in the city! Channel your inner “Gossip Girl” while sitting on the steps of the Met. Pretend you’re chasing down ghosts in City Hall like the “Ghostbusters”. Other references to check out include Tom’s Diner from “Seinfeld”, or Katz’s Delicatessen from “When Harry Met Sally.”

4. Check Out the New York Public Library

Enjoy walking around this historic building that features art exhibits and beautiful architecture. Bryant Park is located behind the library as well. If you have any homework to do over break, make the work a little more glamorous and live like a local while doing it here.

5. Tour Local Colleges

Explore and enjoy the New York college vibe by walking around the classic collegiate campus at Columbia in Morningside Heights, or see what the city campus looks like for New York University students nearby Washington Square Park.

6. Walk Across the Brooklyn Bridge

Check out this iconic structure by walking from one borough to another. Expect great views of both the Brooklyn Heights and the Financial District skylines, the Manhattan Bridge and the New York Harbor.

7. See the Statue of Liberty

Why pay for a Statue of Liberty cruise tour when you can float by on the Staten Island Ferry for free? The boat leaves every half hour from Staten Island to Manhattan, and

back. Avoid rush hour times and get a great view of the Financial District’s skyline as well.

8. Eat Cheap!

The food won’t be free in the Big Apple, but a few hole-in-the-wall joints will give you a good deal. My favorite: Two Bros Pizza. With a few locations around Manhattan, this pizzeria has the classic New York-style pizza you hear about with the not-so-New York pricing (A slice and a soda is $1.69!).

-Katy Kachnowski

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