My Shiny Teeth and Me

Every person has a love/hate relationship with teeth. Without your teeth, you wouldn’t be able to chew, speak, or show a beautiful smile. However, all the foods that are linked to teeth staining are also very prevalent in many people’s lives. Different foods and drinks like coffee, soda, and acidic fruits damage the teeth by staining and weakening the tooth enamel. While nothing beats a good ole-fashion teeth brushing session, many people get teeth whiteners to gain that extra pearly smile. However, the problem with many teeth whiteners is the fact that they are can be pretty costly, even the strips you can buy off the counter. Luckily for us, home remedies are always a viable option to get your pearly whites.

1. It’s bananas B-A-N-A-N-A-S

While bananas are delicious, the skin can provide just as many benefits as the actual fruit. All you need is a banana. You can take the peel of your banana and rub it on your teeth for about two minutes. Afterwards, just brush your teeth like you normally good and you’ll have whiter teeth! Not only did you get a great snack, but now you have amazing teeth.

2. Strawberry Fields Forever

Another great fruit to use for a teeth whitening solution are strawberries. The acidic nature of the fruit provides a great natural way to whiten your teeth. If you want to make a whitening paste, all you need is one strawberry and one-half of a teaspoon. Mix the two ingredients together and spread it across the teeth. After 5 minutes, wash it off and your teeth will be sparkling!

3. Charcoal

All you need to do is mix charcoal with water and this simple solution will create your teeth to become super shiny. Simply spread the mixture on your teeth and wash it off with water. Your teeth will look 10x better than before!

4. When it doubt, use baking soda.

One of the most common ways to make a diy teeth whitening paste is with hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. By mixing the two together you can easily whiten your teeth. After you create the paste, just wash it off and your teeth will look better than ever.


Ayesha Krovi

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