Family Means the Most

If my 21 years of life have taught me anything, it’s never underestimate the importance of family. Family is an incredible thing. They’re often the most supportive people and yet somehow also the most frustrating at times. There are many aspects of family, but for this article I want to talk about the parent-child relationship. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Something I never acknowledged when I was younger was the incredible support that my parents gave me. I’m attending college able to study a subject that I’m passionate about and it’s because of them. I was constantly encouraged to do what I wanted (to a certain extent) because I was told I could be anything in life. Whether it involved playing sports, joining a new organization, or meeting new people, the encouragement to extend beyond my comfort zone and take chances in life are concepts I’m incredibly grateful for. Parents are the rocks that help you weather the worst of storms.

Then, of course, you have the frustrating side of the parent-child relationship. Like the times you were “grounded” for doing something you don’t think was a “big deal”. Though you don’t always agree with their decisions (I know there was plenty of times when I didn’t agree with my parents), looking back their strictness taught me that I had to be accountable for my actions. The world isn’t a fair place it’s as simple as that. If you want to get somewhere in life it takes hard work and accountability. You may not realize it now but one day you’ll be grateful for all the times they put their foot down. It helped build you into the person you are today.

My ultimate advice is never take the relationship you have with your parents for granted. It took an unfortunate medical diagnosis for me to open my eyes and start thinking about how much they mean to me and how much they’ve done for me. But don’t be me. You don’t have to wait until the worst happens in order to make that realization and start appreciating what they do. It may be tough at times and, while it may appear as though they are being harsh or overdramatic, overall they only want what is best for you. As incredibly frustrating as their rules and decisions can be, they’re your parents and they love you. Never give up that parent-child bond, embrace it.

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